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nutrition management 2nd

Nutrition Management of Inherited Metabolic Diseases - 2nd Edition

This text presents a compilation of topics that have been taught at Metabolic University (MU), an interactive, didactic educational program that has trained over 600 metabolic dietitians/nutritionists, physicians, nurses and genetic counselors. This book was created in 2014 for the metabolic community.


Stepping Up Your Protein Intake Image

Stepping Up Your Protein Intake

Trying new foods for our patients is exciting, but can be limiting due to the unfamiliarity of the textures, tastes and smells. This friendly guide includes background facts about protein and complementary proteins offering easy steps for introducing higher protein foods. These suggestions will expand patients' choices while contributing quality protein sources to their diets.


Inherited Metabolic Disorders: Visual Aids

This document is offered as a supplement to your teaching aids collection. As physicians, genetic counselors, dietitians, nurses, and other providers in the field of biochemical genetics, we hope these visual aids complement your teaching with patients, families, students, and other clients.


Education Resources

  • Simply App

    The Simply app includes recipes and culinary event announcements.
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  • Food Balance Game

    This game has two versions - One for counting PHE an one for counting protein. It teaches simple concepts about the protein/phe content of foods and is based on each child’s specific diet prescription.
  • Slide Decks

    These Met Ed-developed “decks” are designed to be used for patient education in the clinic setting.